Design Sprints

A method to Solve big problems and test new products in just four days! I am experienced and certified.

Solve big problems and test new products in just five days!

Innovation is best done in a controlled way.

There’s no hocus pocus to innovation! It’s merely about creating the right circumstances and having a skilled moderator to facilitate the steps! We gather cross competence teams and have them work together side by side and moderating great ideas through some very distinct steps. The design sprint has it’s roots in design thinking* and was developed at Google Venture by Jake Knapp over hundreds and hundreds of iterations with different start-ups. I am certified to run Design Sprints and can guide you and your organization through it.

  • Everyone gets a voice
  • Creativity is in the method
  • You get tangible results
  • You get to look into the future


Design Thinking is about putting design in a bigger perspective. It was developed and populised by the Hasso-Plattner insititute and at Standford university. And it is been employed and populised by many organisations world wide. IDEO being at the centre of action.