Custom workshops

Grow your business with UX and Strategy. I do customized workshop to meet your need.

I deliver custom workshops

You tell me what you need help figuring out and we plan a workshop customized to your need. Whether it’s a prioritizing a problem in your business or organization or about understanding your users need and behaviour we will find the best fit for your organization. I have a bunch of methods and models to facilitate any group in a design process and to find the best way to a solution. They main method behin most workshops I run is Design Thinking.

  • Lightning decision Jam: A 2 hrs workshop to identify, define and prioritize your organizational focus and needs.
  • Digital strategy workshop: A half day workshop Identifying your way forward in digitalization of your workplace
  • Game design workshop: A half day workshop to identify what game mechanics could boost your service
  • Motivation workshop: A half day workshop to identify what drives your team and colleagues
  • Business model workshop: A 2 hrs workshop to Identify the strengths and weaknesses of your business idea and shape a powerful value proposition
  • Customer journey workshop: A 4 hrs to map your customers/users journey path from discovery to conversion with touchpoints and painpoints
  • Goal/vision Workshop: A 2h workshop to travel into two different futures to find out how to succeed and how to avoid failure. An excellent way for  managers and teams to find a way to accomplish their goals through a few simple steps using Design Thinking.
  • [INSERT YOUR NEED HERE]: A custom workshop that we tailor to your specific need