Examine the future and solve big problems with design sprints

A design sprint is a way to solve big problems and test new products in just 4 days! We are experienced and certified.
Design sprints are based on some core principles that help making the teamwork experience effective and engaging! The AJ&Smart version of Design Sprint is approved by Jake Knapp and endorsed by many Fortune 500 companies.
Core principles
  • Working Together Alone 

    Tangible (ideas) over Discussion

    Getting Started over Being Right

    Don't rely on creativity


Save time and money
  • Instead of spending weeks or potentially even months you can test and validate an Idea with users in less than a week,

Make sure that you’re actually doing the right things

If you think about it: It's more important to make sure you are doing the right things than doing things right
Workshops are great for making group decisions
Start out right
  • Decide how to frame your problem

    Empathize with the target group

    Define your hypothesis

Validate with research
  • Always try your hypothesis with real world users to make sure you are solving the right problems

We design the perfect problem solving session for you

You can grow your business with Democratic Design Thinking methods and Strategy workshops
We help you transform your business and leverage your service by providing a customized workshop
Set the rules
  • The most important thing with workshops is to set the rules for it

  • Having a great facilitator guiding you through a group process makes all the difference