Calling the business Bidnerdonethat wasn’t an obvious choice. To me it felt a bit uncomfortable at first. Like someone who thinks he knows it all. Well I don’t. But I like to play with words. Like when I started a podcast some 8 years ago and called it Nyfniken. I like the struggle with that messed up word. Like a kid would mistakenly say it. Nyfniken is a misspelled version of the Swedish word for curious, which by the way would more suitable. But apart from that I really like the pun of the word. A play with words, implying experience and also a flirt with that 90’s PEPSI commercial with the extreme sports dudes uttering these words about every extreme sport they ever tried. ”Been there. Done that”. Except for PEPSI… I love that commercial so much because it makes me laugh. To me it is about the insecure young dude who thinks he knows it all. But really just started out. At the same time there’s another aspect of it. The kick-seeking. I am an explorer. I like to try new things and challenge myself.  To take the leap. I want to see where the road leads me. And, just like Pippi Longstocking I keep on saying: ”I haven’t done that before so I am pretty sure I can make it”. And the older the get the less you realize you actually know. And with that you can let go of some prestige and actually focus on the task ahead. And being curious.

I have been an actor, a teacher, an audience warm up, a game designer, a project manager, a UX strategist, a Gamification designer and I am still part time hospital clown.  Music is like a second language to me and animate movies and write songs is a hobby. And I like drawing. This year I ran Lidingöloppet. Life is too short not explore everything. I am writing a book and also contributing to a book about digitalization that is about to be released this year!

– CFO, Jan Bidner



Bidnerdonethat AB

Org nr: 559234-1316


Spiralvägen 21,
903 26 Umeå


Upcoming events
JAN 20th
Startup workshop - Zero errors

Jan is the Gamification Advisor for a project in the Construction Business which is about Zero errors. The project involves AI and process development. Startup workshop is in Gothenburg.

Feb 28nd
Digitalization workshop - Digitalis

Jan is collaborating with Umeå university and moderating a seminar on digitalization and smart digital concepts for small business within the construction business.

March 11th
Designing around behaviour

Jan is holding an inspirational lecture at AHA-seminar in Linköping for Akademiska Hus.

May 5th
Gamification course

Jan is teaching a five week long course at ChangeMaker Educations, in Stockholm this semester! The course is part of the Experience Designer program. #EXD19