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I always considered curiosity to be my superpower. Asking why comes natural to me when I don’t understand things. When things seem unnatural or problematic from a human perspective I am at it trying to understand, to explain and improve, To change things for the better. That’s what design is to me.  And that’s what drives me.

To me Design is all about problem solving and about addressing issues where there is a problem in the user experience. As easy (and complex) as that might be.

Don’t hesitate to contact me If you are up for a warm cup of coffee or a chat over Google Hangout.  And if you happen to be in Umeå, Stockholm or Gothenburg there’s a great chance we might run into each other. Don’t hesitate to stop me for a conversation about great UX or the thrills of Gamification. 



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My biggest inspiration when it comes to designing new ideas is in workshopping with others. I find that the best ideas spring from brainstorming sessions together with others. The first idea that comes out might seem silly, but when you iterate it a few times in a workshop, you’ll eventually end up with something ingenious. I love to be creative in my work, but I am also quick and efficient when it comes to helping you out with producing digital content and media.

My roots are in system engineering, digital media, design and communication. I have studied at Stockholm University and The Australian National University. As a quite recently graduated student with new perspectives in the digital world, I will not hesitate to take on any assignments. – I am hungry to learn more and help to assist you with a digital case or consult you in a workshop.


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We reside in beautiful expansive city of Umeå, in the north of Sweden.